Patents of Junghans

With an incredible number of patents Junghans is one of the most innovative watch companies. Out of more than 3,000 patents here is a small selection that document a few important milestones. The patents are filed in PDF format.

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Fine adjustment

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fine adjustment

Fine adjusment Sektorverzahnung DE000001037375A 02.01.1953 21.08.1958 Victor Storz; August Mager; Schramberg


Wrist alarm clock

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Patents Wrist Alarm Watches Junghans
Wristlet Watch with Alarm Arrangement GB000000686214A 26.Feb.1951 21.Jan.1953 Helmut Junghans; Albert Letsche
Armbanduhr DE000000902837B 02.Aug.1951 10.Dec.1953 Helmut Junghans; Albert Letsche
Schallkörper für Weckeruhren DE000000905115B 31.Jul.1952 14.Jan.1954 Helmut Junghans; Albert Letsche
Schallkörper für Weckeruhren DE000000902479B 29.May.1952 03.Dec.1953 Helmut Junghans; Albert Letsche
Armband-Weckeruhr DE000000905114B 03.Jul.1952 14.Jan.1954 Helmut Junghans; Albert Letsche
Alarm Timepiece Sounding Device US000002786326A 05.Jun.1951 26.May.1957 Helmut Junghans; Albert Letsche


Because of the patent dispute on the use of the diaphragm base with Vulcain here are also linked the patents of Vulcain:

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Patents Wrist Alarm Watch Vulcain
Montre-bracelet-réveil CH000000375664A 30.Oct.1956 30.Sep.1959 Robert Ditisheim; Henri Robert
Montre-bracelet étanche CH000000375664A 15.Nov.1963 15.Apr.1964 Jean Hofner
Armbanduhr mit Weckwerk DE000001212894A 14.Feb.1957 17.Mar.1966 Robert Ditisheim; Henri Robert
Armbanduhr mit Weckwerk DE000001212894B 17.Mar.1966 22.Sep.1966 Robert Ditisheim; Henri Robert
Alarm Wrist Watch US000002644294A

24.Mar.1952 in Switzerland: 27.Sep.1943

07.Jul.1953 Robert Ditisheim
Alarm Wrist-Watches US000002929197A 01.Feb.1957 in Switzerland 19.Mai.1956 22.Mar.1960 Robert Ditisheim; Henri Robert


Winding Mechanisms Junghans

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Patents about winding mechanisms Junghans
Selbstaufzuguhr DE000001056543A 19.Apr.1952 30.Apr.1959 Kurt von Zeppelin; Kuno Trick; Theo Schulte; Albert Letsche