Junghans J81; Junghans 681.70; 15 Jewels

Caliber Junghans J81; Junghans 681.70; 15 Jewels

water protected


Junghans J81; Junghans 681.70; Front


Junghans J81; Junghans 681.70; movement


Junghans J81; Junghans 681.70; back

  • Type: mens wristwatch
  • Hersteller lt. Zifferblatt: Junghans
  • Manufacturer on dial: JUNGHANS; Back: unbranded
  • Number of jewels: 15
  • Escapement: lever escapement
  • Balance: mono-metallic screw balance
  • Shock protection: no
  • Features: gold-plated movement (still uncleaned); hexagonal crown with original cork seal
  • Beats per hour: 18.000 A/h
  • Dimensions: 8.75“‘; 19.4mm
  • Production period: 1932 – 1939
  • Functions: hand winding, water protected
  • Display: hour, minute, sub second at 6
  • Dial: round, double row revolving black minute lines, arab . Luminescent (Radium)
  • Hands: Bar luminous (Radium), rusty
  • Second hand: Thread with a small counterweight
  • Case form: form case with faceted surfaces, octagonal
  • Case diameter (mm): 24,83 x 27,66
  • Gehäusematerial: chromed or nickeled brass
  • Back: screwed, very massively, inside soft iron or lead
  • Bracelet/strap: original, infinitely adjustable



Junghans J80; Junghans 681.70; massive screw back

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