Junghans J63

Caliber Peseux 110


Junghans J63; Peseux 110; Front


Junghans J63; Peseux 110; Front; ohne Glas; without glas


Junghans J63; Peseux 110; movement


Junghans J63; Peseux 110; back

  • Type: men´s wristwatch
  • Hersteller lt. Zifferblatt: Junghans
  • Manufacturer on dial: JUNGHANS Back: EDELSTAHL-BODEN; below: G K, Star with sickel (Brothers Kuttroff, Case manufacturer, Pforzheim, Germany)
  • Number of jewels: 15
  • Escapement: lever escapement
  • Balance staff: two-leg screw balance
  • Shock protection:
  • Particularity: first rectangular movement used by Junghans
  • Beats per hour: 18.000 A/h
  • Dimensions of movement: 8.75 x 12”’
  • Time of production: 1931 – 1937
  • Functions: manual winding
  • Display: hour, minute, small second at six
  • Dial: silver, clearly patinated; dark gray outer ring, gray with railway-like minute mark (printed); outside black, printed line; Arab. numbers; small second at 6
  • Hands: Feuille
  • Second hand: Thread with counterweight
  • Case: rectangular
  • Case diameter: 34,2 mm x 21,8 mm
  • Case material: chromed brass
  • Back: Steel, pressed
  • Bracelet: none


The Junghans J63 is the first shaped movement used, but not constructed by Junghans. It is not an in-house production made ​​by Junghans, but was supplied by Peseux. 1937 Junghans J63 was replaced by the in-house caliber Junghans J86. The Junghans J63 is identical to the caliber Peseux 110 and 110-114 .

Further example:


Junghans J63; Peseux 110; Front; variant; dial missing


Junghans J63; Peseux 110; movement; variant


Junghans J63; Peseux 110; dialside; variant

Variant with 7 Jewels


Junghans J63; variant 7 Jewels; Front


Junghans J63; variant 7 Jewels; movement