Junghans „Wehrmachtswerk“; AS 1130

Caliber AS 1130


Junghans "Wehrmachtswerk"; AS 1130; Front


Junghans "Wehrmachtswerk"; AS 1130; movement


Junghans "Wehrmachtswerk"; AS 1130; movement


Junghans "Wehrmachtswerk"; AS 1130; back

  • Type: men´s wristwatch
  • Manufacturer on dial: Junghans
  • Trademarks/imprint: 6-pointed black star wih bright J; JUNGHANS 17 RUBIS; INCABLOC; below centre: WEHRMACHTSWERK; at 6: SWISS MADE Back: FOND ACIER INOXYDABLE
  • Number of jewels:17
  • Escapement: lever escapement
  • Balance staff: three -legged nickel balance wheel
  • Shock protection: Incabloc
  • Particularity: so called Wehrmachtswerk, Remarks below
  • Beats per hour: 18.000 A/h
  • Dimensions of movement: 13´´´
  • Time of production: after 1968
  • Functions: manual winding
  • Display: hour, minute, sub second at 6
  • Dial: silver; launched Chrome paragraphs 12 ; 2 ; 4 ; 6 ; 8th; 10 ;  launched baton markers; dots (tritium) per hour; outside: black , printed minute lines
  • Hands: Dauphin with Luminescent (Tritium)
  • Second hand: thread
  • Case form: cushion
  • Case diameter (mm): 35 mm
  • Case material: chromed brass
  • Back: steel, pressed
  • Bracelet/strap: no


Movements with the label "Wehrmachtswerk" were from several manufacturers (AS 1130; AS 1560; Unitas 6310 (N); Girard Perregaux; Precimax) produced. Initially, these movements met the requirements imposed by the military in the 30s and 40s of movements. This should have 13''' (29,33mm) diameters and were for that time movements quite large in order to ensure better accuracy and sturdiness.

In addition, the dimensions for the assembly into the case and the dial had to have the same dimensions. Built-in diameter, bearing surface height and positions of the dial-feet had to be the same.

In the original meaning the term "Wehrmacht" described the armed forces of a country and was also used in other German-speaking countries.

In the designation of the movement as a "Wehrmachtswerk " Junghans was trying to emphasize the quality and has nothing to do with the German "Wehrmacht".

Another example of a watch with a "Wehrmachtswerk"

PARA 782 S Service Watch


PARA 782 S; service watch; AS 1130; Front


PARA 782 S; service watch; AS 1130; movement


PARA 782 S; service watch; AS 1130; back

Watches where the dial is provided with the term "Wehrmachtswerk" are not to be confused with service watches.

Junghans brought watches to the market with the imprint "Wehrmachtswerk" on the dial that contain other movements: i.e. Junghans Wehrmachtswerk Unitas 6325, or Unitas 6310.

Another example of a built-up as a "Wehrmachtswerk" caliber: The AS 1130 (Adolph Schild, Grenchen) from a 782 S PARA service watch.

The typical number of service watches is only be guessed under the "Antimagnetic" on the back cover.