The first in my collection: Junghans J90

The first published Junghans on this website!

And it really deserves to be the first because it is actually the very first Junghans which I got. From father to son and again for a son who I am now. So the grandson of watches buyer that is likely to have purchased the watch sometime after 1932 - (production time 1932 - 1937).

One of Junghans watches that you get rare to face :  


Junghans J90; Front


Junghans J90; movement


Junghans J90; back

For most watch enthusiasts certainly not the watch per se but for me a watch with importance because it is responsible for my entry into the Junghans watches.

A simple pin lever movement, which still does its job.

Data of the movement can be found here: Junghans J90

Junghans J90; 10 1/2 ''', cylinder movement with 1 or 6 stones; In Junghans catalog then touted:


"Very strong bridge movements with favorable utilization of space. Hardened, polished steel pinions. Antimagnetic flat balance, hand positioning by pulling the crown .


In a catalog of 1932, the movement is introduced as follows:

"The 10 1/2''' cylinder-movement no. J90 is produced in its own factory. Cylinder impeller and balance bridge are massive. The steel pinions are hardened and polished . The teeth properly. All parts are easily replaceable . The spiral is antimagnetic and rustproof. The power reserve is about 32 hours. "

In a catalog with the beautiful title The new inexpensive Junghans Watches which was issued in May 1934 the watch shown was out under the name "90/11 a RZ - Chrome, silver dial with radium equipment (RZ)" and then cost 13.50 RM.