An early pocket-watch

Caliber Junghans J9


Junghans J9; Front


Junghans J9; movement


Junghans J9; movement


Junghans J9; movement; detail

In the year 1910 Junghans reached the production stage after they started in 1903 with the production of the first pocket watches. Oskar Junghans (1876 - 1927) developed the pocket watch with the caliber J9. Finally, a clock with full stems and massive boards that was not modeled after the American pocket watches which were often equipped with hollow stems and pillar movements.

I must confess: the clock was several years almost forgotten and placed in a drawer, it was a beautiful gift of a good friend. Only later I checked the caliber ticking in it and was stunned amazed that it is one of the few caliber J9. So far I have not seen live an other!

The watch is really a superb, with it escapement (stone pallets), with 15 jewels and a Breguet spiral compensation. The hands are original, the case is made of silver and rose gold, the blanks are yellow gold.


Additional information on the Caliber Junghans J9

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