Junghans 620.50 with golden case

Escaped the gold smelter!


Junghans 620.50; RAG 25 Jahre; Front

Unfortunately, watches with massive gold casings are often the victims of their owners, who melt the case and get paid for the gold price. Especially watches that use a mass produced movement, are increasingly rare. The watch, produced in January 1974 (A74), was dedicated by the RAG (Ruhrkohle AG) for a 25th anniversary.

The movement - produced January 1974


Junghans 620.50; RAG 25 Jahre; movement

Touted in a catalouge of 1971 - 1972


Junghans 620.50 Catalouge 1971 1972


Junghans 620.50 Catalouge 1971 1972

In the catalog from 1971 to 1972, three watches with the caliber 620 in solid gold case are offered, a rectangular with Roman numerals (reference number 63/8651), a round with date at three (reference number 63/9554) and finally the watch shown with the Reference number 63/8553.

Case back - RAG 25 years


Junghans 620.50 RAG; back


Junghans 620.50 RAG; back

The case with the anniversary engraving "RAG 25 years" is closed with a golden snap on back, which also bears the stamp of the gold alloy: 14 c and 0.585 respectively.

The watch comes from the collection Markus Neumeier, with heartfelt thanks!!