Junghans answer to the Oyster: Junghans 681.70; Junghans J81

A watch that is insensible to humidity!


Junghans J81; Junghans 681.70; Front


Junghans J81; Junghans 681.70; movement


Junghans J81; Junghans 681.70; back

In addendum to the catalog of 1935 it appeared for the first time: The first Junghans which was insensible to humidity.

It is a true rarity and makes every collector's heart beat faster to find this watch with the original hexagonal crown and an original metal bracelet. The caliber J81 was not too long produced (1932 - 1939). Structurally a size-reduced J80 found this niche-caliber little use because it was still too large for that time usually very little ladies watches.

Massive screw-back


Junghans J81; Junghans 681.70; original bracelet


Junghans J81; Junghans 681.70; crown hexagonally


Junghans J81; Junghans 681.70; massive screw back

The screwed and massive case back with soft metal inside ensured the necessary seal for the movement, also the large crown which is provided with cork held the water probably sufficiently outside of the watch.

The watch with the number 81/12 RZ (Radium Dial) was offered in the catalog of 1935.

Former price: 37,- RM


Katalog Junghans Armbanduhren 1935 Nachtrag S47 07; Source: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Chronometrie

And all for a former price of 37.- RM.

The presented watch is still uncleaned. The hands are slightly rusted and the mainspring is probably broken, the clock can be winded forever. The next long winter evenings will come determined and the clock will fill the workshop report...

Further details regarding the caliber here: Junghans J81; Junghans 681.70; wassergeschützt